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Florida Institute for Object Relations Therapy
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 The International Institute for Object Relations Therapy, (IIORT) Chevy Chase, Maryland, was founded by Dr. David Scharff and Dr. Jill Savage Scharff to provided quality training in Object Relations Therapy to a wide variety of mental health clinicians. The Scharffs are leading researchers and practitioners of ORT in the United States and maintain close ties with many of the contemporary theorists from Great Britain. There are currently eleven satellite training programs in both the United States and Panama. The Florida Satellite is directed by Stanley A. Tsigounis, Ph.D. a faculty member at IIORT and a psychologist in private practice in both Tampa and Sarasota Florida. Dr. Tsigounis is joined by local faculty member Hilary Hall, M.A.,L.M.H.C., a graduate of the IIORT Core Training Program, and a fellow of IIORT.

Object Relations Theory draws upon an understanding of the relationships between individuals as well as the representation of those individuals in our minds. The training program draws on such historical theorists as Bowlby and Ainsworth, Winnicott, Fairbairn, Guntrip, Melanie Klein and contemporary theorists as Alverez, Bollas, Jacobs, Scharff and Scharff, Steiner, Stern, and others


 Any of the programs can be held at your location or for your group. For example, you could organize a Professional Development Seminar or supervision group at your agency or group practice. If you are interested please call 941-954-2200.

Florida Institute for Object Relations Therapy

Personal Growth Experiences: The Affective Learning Model
A unique feature of the training program at IIORT and the Satellite programs is the Affective Learning Component. After each major theoretical and case presentation participants meet in a small group to integrate the material presented at both cognitive and affective levels. These small groups provide the opportunity to apply the new material in a more personal and meaningful manner. When at all possible this model will be utilized to enhance the participants learning and integration of the material. A new book describing this model is called Tuning the Therapeutic Instrument.

 Three Year Certificate Program:
The three-year program provides participants the opportunity to learn the theory and application of Object Relations Therapy in a contained and supportive environment. The emphasis of the program is on the application of the theories of ORT to actual work with clients. ORT is especially suited to the treatment of “difficult clients”. The program consists of five weekends, Friday and Saturday, each year for a total of 15 weekends. The training at the Florida Satellite program can be applied to the Clinical Applications Program at IIORT. The Affective Learning Model is an integral part of the learning.

Special Workshops:
From time to time special topical workshops will be offered by visiting faculty. Previous presenters have included David Scharff,M.D. on Couples Treatment, Michael Stadter,Ph.D. on Brief Therapy and Ralph Klein,M.D. on Difficult Clients.

Professional Development Seminar:
The Professional Development Seminar meets every other Tuesday night from 6:30 PM until 9:30pm, twenty-four times a year. The seminar commitment for is one year and prospective members may join at any time during the year. The goals of the seminar are: 1. To support professional development as psychotherapists. 2. To grow personally. 3. To explore contemporary issues in psychotherapy which include discussion of daily practice anxieties. 4. To learn new theories which have direct application for everyday practice. A typical evening consists of three parts: review and discussion of theory, case consultation and professional issues, small group process, the Affective Learning Model. The main topic changes each year. Previous topics have included “Love and Sex in Psychotherapy”, “Treating Clients with Issues of Shame”, Treatment of the Borderline Client”, “The Importance of Countertransference in Everyday Psychotherapy”. The topic for this academic year is “Sex, Sexual Addiction and the Perversions”.

Please call or write for further information.
Stanley A. Tsigounis, Ph.D. Director, Florida Program, IIORT,
235 South Orange Ave. Sarasota Fl 34236-6801
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Tampa-Sarasota Satellite Program News

The Tampa-Sarasota, Florida Satellite Program, directed by Stan Tsigounis, Ph.D., is conducting its Professional Development Seminar every other Tuesday evening for three hours. The goal of the Seminar is to provide support and training for clinicians working in difficult times. Each seminar consists of 1 hour of theory, one hour of clinical application, case consultation and one hour of small group process. The group also enjoys sharing dinner together. This years topic is sex, sexual addiction and perversion, aspects of human sexuality studied from an object relations perspective. The group is reading David Scharff’s book, The Sexual Relationship: An object relations view of sex and the family, as its basic text, supplemented by articles from the International Journal of Psychoanalysis. The second half of the year the group will focus on sexual perversions. The Professional Development seminar has openings. To join it or any other IIORT Florida programs, or to arrange supervision, call Dr. Tsigounis at 941-954-2200.

In keeping with the goal of supporting professional development, Hilary Hall, M.A., a member of the Seminar and representing the Florida Satellite Program, presented a workshop at the Florida Association of Mental Health Counselors Annual Convention in St. Petersburg, Florida this past summer. Her presentation on “Countertransference, an Object Relations Perspective” was well attended and she received very positive reviews.

The Florida Satellite Program also conducts special Saturday workshops which are held at the Manatee River Retreat House, a beautiful, natural setting of Old Florida on 8 acres directly on the Manatee River. Previous workshops have included Psychic Retreats, Brief Therapy, Projective Identification and Countertransference. Our most ambitious workshop is co-sponsored with IIORT when we bring Otto Kernberg to Orlando for a major conference. See below .

The Professional Development Seminar and supervision have openings. If you think you might be interested in any of the Florida Satellite programs please contact Dr. Tsigounis at 941-954-2200.


presents a special workshop in Florida

January 26 & 27, 2001
and pre-workshops with David and Jill Scharff and IIORT faculty January 25, 2001

Please join the IIORT Faculty in Orlando, Florida on Friday, January 26 and Saturday, January 27, 2001 for an exciting conference with Dr. Otto Kernberg examining the psychodynamics of Love, Sex, Hate and Perversion. Dr. Kernberg will be presenting theory and case material in a conversational style interacting with the conference participants. English-Spanish translation is planned. The two-day workshop will be preceded on Thursday by pre-conference workshops on Object Relations Theory and Practice for both advanced and beginning professionals.

The conference will be held at the lovely Grosvenor Resort on Disney property at Lake Buena Vista within walking distance of Downtown Disney and the Pleasure Island entertainment complex. The Grosvenor Resort is a family oriented resort with two swimming pools, tennis courts and discounted tickets and complimentary transportation to all the Disney Parks. IIORT has arranged a special hotel conference rate of $119. plus tax. This rate is good for three days prior and three days after the conference. Arrive early and enjoy the Disney attractions and discount shopping malls. January is a wonderful time to be in Orlando and airfares are still low. A number of special events are planned for this conference. Save the dates now and bring your family. Watch for early registration discounts. This conference is co-sponsored by IIORT and the Florida Satellite Program and is Co-Chaired by David Scharff, M.D. & Stan Tsigounis, Ph.D

Save the dates now: January 25, 26 & 27, 2001.


Florida Institute for Object Relations Therapy

Dr. Stanley A. Tsigounis, Ph.D., Director,

Current Faculty Appointments:
International Institute for Object Relations Therapy, Chevy Chase, Maryland
Tampa Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies, Tampa, Florida

Clinical Member: American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
Certified Transactional Analyst: International Transactional Analysis Association
Former President and Treasurer: Suncoast Psychoanalytic Association, local chapter of Division 39 of the American Psychoanalysis Association
Member: Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI)
Member: American Psychological Association
Member: Florida Psychological Association
Member: Florida Mental Health Counselors Association
Graduate of the Florida Institute for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.
Trained with Dr. Ralph Klein, Medical Director of the Masterson Institute since 1985.

 Hilary Hall, M.A., L.M.H.C. Satellite Faculty

Current Faculty Appointments:
Florida Institute for Object Relations Therapy: Satellite Program of IIORT

Member: Florida Mental Health Counselors Association
Member: American Counselors Association
Fellow: International Institute for Object Relations Therapy
Graduate of the International Institute for Object Relations Therapy
Graduate of the Florida Institute for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.
Trained with Dr. Ralph Klein, Medical Director of the Masterson Institute since 1992.

Please call or write for further information.

Stanley A. Tsigounis, Ph.D. Director, Florida Program, IIORT,
235 South Orange Ave. Sarasota Fl 34236-6801
941-954-2200 tsigouni@ix.netcom.com