The International Institute of
Object Relations Therapy

  Requirements of the Clinical Application Program (CAP)
    1. Completion of Two-year program in Object Relations Theory and Practice:

Approximately 250 hours.

    2. Seminars:

Completion of 72 hours, fees set locally, of seminars over two years.

The local, monthly curriculum (CAP) is coordinated with the national program to provide learning continuity, to integrate theoretical and clinical learning, and to create a local interest group of colleagues and peers.

Participants who do not have access to a local program may earn course credit by attending ORTP courses and other IIORT workshops and institutes, totaling 72 hours.
    3. Individual Supervision

Individual Supervision with 2 supervisors,  face to face or by telephone.  35 hours each over two or more years for a minimum total of 70 hours.

Individual supervision offers the focused opportunity for the examination of clinical process, the honing of technique, and the close study of transference and countertransference.
    4. Group Supervision

Group supervision:  60 one and one-half hour sessions for a minimum of 90 hours over  two or more years with a third supervisor.

Group supervision adds the sharing of peer experience and the facilitation of the group to the supervisory experience. It is complementary to, rather than a substitute for, individual supervision. If arranging group supervision is logistically impractical, an additional 35 hours of individual supervision or 50 hours of paired supervision with a local or telephone supervisor may be substituted.
    5. Personal Therapy

Two years of twice-a-week psychoanalytic psychotherapy is the minimum requirement.  More may be recommended.
      The Clinical Application Program Certificate

The program certificate
is earned upon satisfactory completion of the two-year core program (250 Hours) and two years of participation in monthly or weekly Satellite Seminars (72 hours), 70 hours of individual supervision and 90 hours of group supervision, (or an additional 85 hours of individual supervision or 50 hours of paired supervision) and 2 years of twice-a-week therapy.

(Please note that any component of the program (ORTP program, CAP seminars, group or individual supervision) may be undertaken alone. The complete program of ORTP program, CAP seminars and supervision is required only for the clinical application certificate in Object Relations Therapy.)
      For information, contact Judith Rovner, Chair, Clinical Application and Suspervision Programs:
phone 301-654-8747, fax 301-657-8975, e-mail