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  IIORT - Philadelphia Satellite
      IIORT - Philadelphia Satellite director: Charles Ashbach, Ph.D.
  Programs taught by Dr. Ashbach:
    1. Monthly Seminar - Object Relations Theory & Practice.
Intermediate Level. Saturday: 8:30 am - 11:30 am
This seminar focuses on selected readings in object relations and related theoretical material. Emphasis is on the application of theory to the clinical setting. Applicants should have had exposure to object-relations theory to best utilize this group.

Cost: $900 ($90 per seminar, 10 seminars per year). 30 credits.

    2. Monthly Seminar - Object Relations Theory & Practice
Advanced Level. Friday: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
This seminar is for those clinicians who have more extensive exposure and training in object relations theory. The seminar goes into depth explorations of the advanced writings in object-relations and associated theory, e.g., Meltzer, Segal, Grunberger, Chasseguet-Smirgel, Ogden, Klein. The application of theory to clinical practice is a key focus.

Cost: $700 ($70 per seminar, 10 per year). 20 credits.

    3. Monthly Seminar - On Narcissism.
Friday: 12 - 2 pm
This seminar will systematically examine the spectrum of writings on the theory of narcissism, from Freud, through Klein, Fairbairn, Winnicott, Kohut, Kernberg, Grunberger and Symington. Emphasis will be on the study of narcissism in the therapeutic interaction with focus on such topics as the negative therapeutic reaction, impasse, counter-transference, mirroring and the dangers of role-enactment and burn-out.

Cost: $70 per seminar. As this is an open-ended group no set frame has been established. Members are expected to commit to a minimum of 6 sessions ($420).

    4. Monthly Reading Seminar - On Narcissism.
Sunday 7 - 9 pm.
This seminar will be co-taught with Paul Koehler, MSW.
Starting with the myth of Narcissus, the course will examine the concept as it has evolved through the work of Freud, Klein, Fairbairn, Kohut, Kernberg, Grunberger and Segal, and will attempt to develop a matrix within which to view the various approaches to this most complex set of dynamic forces. Also covered will be the relationship of narcissism to perversion, substance abuse and group phenomenon.

Cost: $840 ($70 per session, 12 sessions in total). 24 credits.

[All programs taught by Dr. Ashbach are conducted in Wyndmoor, PA.]

  Seminars taught by Dr. Jack Hartke, Ph.D.  
    1. On Going Supervision Group focusing on Fairbairn & Guntrip.
Two hour group, meets once monthly. Time to be announced.
This group will utilize the writings by and about Fairbairn & Guntrip to examine a broad range of clinical phenomena. The focus will be on the application of theory to practice with special emphasis on the utilization of internal object theory to the work with and in the counter-transference.

Cost: $60 per group. Group will be on-going. Members are expected to commit to 6 sessions. Continuing educations on an hour for hour basis.

    2. Lecture Series: Fairbairn’s approach to Object Relations Theory .
Six (6) sessions, one and a half hours each. Time to be announced. This series will focus on the ground breaking work of Fairbairn and explore in depth his theories and contributions to British Object Relations theory and practice. Special attention will be paid to the applications to practice and the work with schizoid/narcissistic patients.

Cost: $270 ($45 per session for 6 meetings) 9 credits.

[Programs taught by Dr. Hartke are conducted in Villanova, PA.]



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Charles Ashbach, speaks from the audience

      Group and Individual supervision can be arranged with Dr. Ashbach,
Dr. Hartke or Mr. Koehler.

For further information contact Dr. Ashbach at: Charles Ashbach, Ph.D.
805 E. Willow Grove Ave. Wyndmoor, PA 19038
Phone: 215-233-9229 Fax: 215-836-4587
E-mail: kashbach@voicenet.com


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