IIORT Local Study Groups and Supervision home

Monthly and Weekly Study Groups
Basic concepts on Object Relations Theory and Practice are applied to individual, family, couple and group therapy, focusing on the contributions of Bion, Fairbairn, Klein, Winnicott, as well as the more recent contributions of Bollas, Joseph, Mitchell, Ogden, Scharff and Scharff, and others. Programs involve a combination of lectures, readings, video, clinical case presentation and integrative small group discussion. Scheduled locally for mutual convenience and interest.
Videoconference Seminars
Participants can already join seminars in some sites by video link. We will also be glad to offer seminars by video link to groups at other sites by arrangement. To inquire, contact us at IIORT .
Individual and Group Supervision
Offered in local program sites, and nationally by telephone.
Local Program Cities Faculty

Burlington, VT Sharon Dennett, M.S.W.

Charlottesville, VA Michael Kaufman, M.A

Chevy Chase, MD and 
  Washington, DC
Sheila Hill, M.S.W.
Kent Ravenscroft, M.D.
Judith Rovner, M.S.W.
David Scharff, M.D.
Jill Savege Scharff, M.D.
Michael Stadter, Ph.D.

Long Island, NY Carl Bagnini, C.S.W.
David Scharff, M.D.

Manhattan, NY David Scharff, M.D.

New Orleans, LA Walton Ehrhardt, Ed.D.

Omaha, NE Stephen Skulsky, Ph.D.

Panama City, Panama Yolanda de Varela, M.A.
Samuel Pinzon, Ph.D.
Lea Setton, Ph.D.

Philadelphia, PA Charles Ashbach, Ph.D.
Jack Hartke, Ph.D.

Salt Lake City, UT Paula Swaner, Ph.D.

San Diego, CA Patricia Lindquist, Ph.D.

Tampa, FL Stanley Tsigounis, Ph.D.